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Recipes ...

... for gourmets.

Warm oysters with herb butter, or oysters in aspic with confit of shallots ....

Discover some delicious recipes for cooking oysters on l'Atelier du Chef website.


Our news

In 2014, after a reproduction period blessed with excellent conditions, our oysters are feeding and growing remarkably well.

Their flesh rate is getting to be truly exceptional.

We are on our way to a vintage oyster year !!

Our trade is moving on :

Respecting our traditions

Pierre Marie Barrau en parcsWe are situated in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron oyster-farming zone, right where sea currents and natural oyster-food meet. There, our oysters are farmed for 3 years before adorning your sea-food stalls and your plates.

Everyday, part of the team sails out at sea to tend to the oysters while the rest of the team stays behind to select and to pack them according to size.

After all theses years of being moved from one site to another, according to their state of development and to the concentration of natural food available in different zones, our oysters finally reach their final maturing sites: the "claires". This is where and when the microscopic alga (navicule bleue) develop. Our oysters will stay there as a long as is required to acquire their particular colour and taste.


Using modern techniques

Claires d'affinage BarrauSo as to guarantee our customers top quality products, we have decided to bring the system up to European norms and standards. This means functional buildings, regular maintenance and renewal of all equipments, high sanitary standards and state of the art computerization which allows us to implement precise traceability of our production.