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Our oysters will stay in the "claires" as a long as is required to acquire their particular Marennes-Oléron colour and taste.



Recipes ...

... for gourmets.

Warm oysters with herb butter, or oysters in aspic with confit of shallots ....

Discover some delicious recipes for cooking oysters on l'Atelier du Chef website.


Our news

In 2014, after a reproduction period blessed with excellent conditions, our oysters are feeding and growing remarkably well.

Their flesh rate is getting to be truly exceptional.

We are on our way to a vintage oyster year !!

Some history :

Our know-how stems from family traditions.

cabane-clairePierre-Marie Barrau sees his job as maintaining a delicate alchemy between farming and respecting nature.

In the same way as a winegrower will lovingly tends to his vines to get the best wine out of them, he offers his oysters the best parks out at sea and the best "claires", thus relentlessly seeking out the best growing and maturing conditions, with a view to achieve perfect balance between salinity and flesh texture.


Pierre-Marie Barrau is heir to three generations of oyster-farmers, a sector in which heirloom is quintessential.

The company exists under its present form since 1976, headed by Pierre-Marie Barrau since 1990. For more than 30 years now, he and his team have been working at developing modern techniques while abiding by a total respect for the environment.


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